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30 Years Experience in Making Pool Covers Review of Pool Covers, Inc.

Employee-Owned Since 1984

Save Lives, Save Water, Save Heat, Save Money

These days, pool covers in Clovis manufacturers offer a lot of choices for their clients. Pool owners can choose between manual and automatic pool covers depending on their preferences and their budget.

So, which is better, a manual or an automatic pool cover? For a start, they are both beneficial to pool owners as both provide the fundamental advantages:

  • They keep the pool water clean.
  • They prevent evaporation in the pool.
  • They provide a safety barrier especially when the pool is not used.
  • They help in saving energy.
  • They reduce the use of chemicals which are used in cleaning the pool water.
  • They keep the water warm (which is good for an evening or early morning swim!)

Let's explore at what manual and automatic pool covers are, and what distinctions do they have from each other:

Manual pool covers

Manual pools are either secured by fastening down with hooks, or by tracks that are mounted on both sides of the deck. Snap-down manual pool covers are feasible for custom-shaped pools, multi-level pools or pools that are not used often.

Track manual pool covers use the same components as automatic pool covers, except the absence of a motor or electricity. These types of pool covers are usually operated by manually cranking a machine that does the opening and closing the pool. The pool covers rolls along two tracks on either side of the pool.

Cost may be the main reason why majority of pool owners choose manual pool covers. They provide the same fundamental benefits as automatic pool covers do, but in a more economical price range. Adding a manual pool cover will provide you great benefits – clean water, money and energy savings, and pool security and a great price point.

Apart from cost, people who do not use their pools too often are likely to opt for manual pool covers.

Pool owners who use track manual pool covers can easily upgrade or convert them into automatic pool covers.

However, do not put something on your pool that will prevent you from using your pool as frequently as you want to or once the cover is off the pool it will prevent you from using the safety cover. This is when some consumers opt for a cover that provides better ease of use.

Automatic pool covers

Like their manual counterparts, automatic pool covers help in saving you water, energy and chemicals. They also keep the pool water clean and provide an additional security feature to your poolscape.

Automatic pool covers are operated by a remote electric key switch or a button in opening and closing the pool. The drive mechanisms and motors that run the automatic pool cover may be located beside the deck or installed near the pool.

Quality automatic pool covers use the Infinity 4000TM automatic pool cover system which uses high-grade components and materials. It also utilizes the latest in automatic pool cover technology. This cover system ensures durability and dependability of your automatic pool covers with only a minimal routine maintenance.

One thing that people mostly think of automatic pool covers is that they're usually expensive compared to manual pool covers. But if convenience and ease of use matter much more to you, then you should choose automatic pool covers.

No matter what you choose, check if these pool covers in Clovis are ASTM-safety approved – especially if you are looking for safety pool covers. Pool Covers, Inc. offers automatic and manual pool covers that exceed the ASTM safety standards, so you can be sure that our products provide all the basic benefits plus a reliable safety feature to your own poolscape.

Pool Covers in Granite Bay Pools Save Lives

There are many people who assume that pool covers in Granite Bay are just an accessory. Anyone who thinks that should take a second look at the invaluable benefits they provide to every swimming pool owner.

Fortunately, more pool owners wisely decide to buy covers because they know safety is of paramount importance. Do you know that most of the water-related accidents do not occur at beaches or public resorts? The tragic truth is that most accidents happen right in pool owners’ backyard pools, and this is something which could have easily been prevented if a pool cover had been in use.

While nothing replaces adult supervision, pool covers can save lives. For households who have little children, pets, and family members who cannot swim, a pool cover is no longer an option but a necessity.

There are a lot of benefits that pool covers can provide. They keep the water clean and protected from dust, dirt and other type of debris. They prevent evaporation, slowing down pool water loss. Pool covers also trap heat and maintains the water's warm temperature (and you don't have to turn the heater on, thus bringing you big energy savings).

Most importantly though, a single pool cover provides the ultimate pool security system to swimming pools, surpassing all other pool safety measures. These include fences built around the pool or swimming pool alarms, which do not adequately provide the security you need. Bold and curious children can even get past the fences. Alarms, on the other hand, will only sound off when there's actual contact with the pool water and it is too late.

Pool covers create an isolation barrier by “blanketing” the pool and sealing all its sides, therefore permitting no gap for children or pets to go get to the water.

While several types of pool covers provide the desired security, automatic pool covers are the best choice. Aside from the convenience and ease of use that they offer, automatic pool covers are designed to be safe and are ideal for busy but safety-conscious families.

Pool covers are not only seen as something to protect swimming pools and keeping them clean. They are now also considered as safety devices to prevent accidental drowning. If you plan to purchase a safety pool cover, make sure that it is certified by the ASTM. Safety pool covers having the ASTM certification means that they have satisfied all safety requirements and standards. Qualifications for the ASTM specification F1346-91 are as follows:

1. The pool cover should be able to hold at least 485 pounds (the approximate weight of two adults and one child) to permit rescue operation.

2. The pool cover should demonstrate that any gaps or openings are small enough to prevent the test object (like small children and pets) from passing through.

3. The “surface drainage test” - the pool cover should be constructed in a way that it prevents collecting a dangerous amount of rain water on the surface and an automatic pump is provided to drain standing water off the top of your cover if you are away.

4. Labeling should include appropriate warnings (as described in the standard) and identify the pool cover as a “safety cover.”

Owing to the increasing awareness among the consumers regarding pool safety, pool covers have become more popular than ever. The combination of the latest technology, plus the implementation of pool cover safety statutes, ensure that pool covers in Granite Bay have the capacity to save precious lives of your family and loved ones.

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